How to Purchase Wine Chiller Stick from Amazon

Hello friend,

You are seeing this page because you have either been recommended my product by a friend or I have personally send it to you. By ordering this wine chiller stick from Amazon you support my business and help me grow it. Since ordering my wine chiller sticks from outside of the USA is a bit of though task I wanted to give some directions.

Find the Product on Amazon

The first step is quite obvious – go on Amazon and find the product. Here is a link to it. This is a so called SUPER URL so please do not be scary because it looks very long.

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick on Amazon

Find the Right Listing for the Product

As I have suggested it is a bit though to purchase my product from outside of the USA. You usually see this link below the price of the product.

This Item Does Not Ship To

So we would do as it suggests. We will check other sellers:

From Theses Sellers


Hit the link that says “X new from $Y“.

Go to the Seller Who Ships from Bulgaria

Below is a screenshot from the next page. I have scrolled a bit so you can see the link I want to show you. It says “Show all offers

Show All Offers


Now that you have opened all offers pick the one that says “Ships from Bulgaria“.

Ships from Bulgaria


Now hit the “Add to cart” button and I will meet you on the other side 😀

Proceed to Checkout

Now that you have added the product it is time to finish the purchase and happily to apply the promo code I have given you prior this. Hit the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

Add to Cart



Select the Shipping Address

Now select the “shipping address” this can be any address. We should have previously discussed this.

Shipping Address


Enter a Promo Code

If you are one of my friends I should have already sent you some discount code. Here is the place to use that code.

  1. Use the Enter a gift card or promotional code link
  2. Enter the code in the field that has just appeared
  3. Hit the Apply button

Enter a Promo Code


Continue the Purchase

We are almost there!

Now that the promo code has been applied you should its value subtracted from the original price. Hit Continue and finish the purchase.

Continue the Purchase


I am not going to go further because I am not supposed to purchase my own product. The process is very simple. The hardest part is to find the “Ships from Bulgaria” listing.

Once again thank you for supporting my business on Amazon. 

P.S. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case there is something wrong or if you want to leave me a product review on Amazon. Any feedback is highly appreciated!




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