Enable iCloud for Your Simple Text Editor iOS Application

Developing for iOS Devices

For more than a week I’ve been following tutorials on iOS application development provided by Apple on their official website – developer.apple.com. It is no secret that they are handy and help a developer walk into the world of iOS development and have their own traps ready for you. Falling in one of those traps made me write this simple tip for those who start with the iOS development tutorials from the Apple website.

Your Third iOS Application – iCloud Simple Text Editor

Following the Getting Started tutorials I reached the iCloud application tutorial called “Simple Text Editor”. The tutorial begins with some instructions on how to provide your developer’s system with a provisioning profile that would allow you to test the iCloud application on your device. In the begining of the tutorial is explained that iCloud could only be used with a real device, not a simulator.

Configure Your Project’s iCloud Entitlements

This is the section where I faced my challange – the tutorial says:

3. Select the Enable Entitlements option.

Xcode adds an entitlements file to your project and automatically enters default values for accessing iCloud.

When I ran the application I got the This tutorial requires iCloud, but it is not available. instead of the iCloud is available. To fix this I had to manually do the following:

  • check the Enabled iCloud option
  • check the Use store with identifier
  • add the first of the Ubiquity Containers list

Entitlements for iCloud Application Building

Entitlements for iCloud Application Building

iCloud iOS application Summary Page

iCloud iOS application Summary Page

After doing these simple but important steps I mannaged to run the iCloud Simple Text Editor application.


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