Food Scanner iOS Mobile Application

The Idea Behind Food Scanner Mobile Application

The idea behind the Food Scanner project came during the event Startup Weekend Varna, that held on 31.V-2.VI.2013. It uses the improving camera abilities of new smartphones and allow the user to get list of all preservatives that are included in a food by just taking picture of its ingredients.

Food Scanner Logo


The Technology Behind Food Scanner Mobile Application

The mobile application is a native iOS app that uses all the positives of this approach. The image recognition is developed using the ABBYY cloud text recognition service.

Food Scanner iPhone Screenshot

iPhone Screenshot

Food Scanner in Social Media

If you like the idea of the application you can show your support and like the Facebook page – fan page at Facebook.

The twitter account of the project is @foodscannerapp.

There is already a micro website that presents the product –

If you want to contribute to the project you could use the GitHub project – Food Scanner at GitHub.

The Team Behind Food Scanner

Mihail Velikov
[ Team Leader, Mobile Developer ]
Radoslav Borisov
[ Web Developer ]
Nikolay Ribarov
[ Web Developer ]
Mariq Kyoseva
[ Graphic Designer ]


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